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  • Hannah Fielding - Romance Novelist


A captivating tale of love, jealousy and scandal… their romance is fraught with drama, and the reader is swung around in a flurry of passion and denial towards an unexpected conclusion. – The Lady magazine

A powerful story that really captures you and pulls you in… Full of passion, danger, love and a fantastic setting, Indiscretion is a stunning story that is truly consuming and gripping. – Reading in the Sunshine

I could almost feel the heat of the Spanish sun on my face and hear the sound of flamenco guitars as I was reading…This is wonderful, good old-fashioned romance the way it’s meant to be, with tension, drama, a brooding, irresistible hero and a gorgeous heroine battling against the odds in a world steeped in romance, moonlight, gypsies, flamenco and the heat of the Spanish sun. What more could you ask? – Amazon review

A powerful and romantic story, one to savour and enjoy… Written in a flowing, vivid style, Indiscretion grips from the first. – Lindsay Townsend

A tense, compelling story… kept me enthralled to the very last page. – Novelicious

I was totally swept into the bygone era, into a Spain full of unbridled passion…There’s so much to enjoy in this book: romance, passion, poignancy, vibrancy, drama, excitement, and plenty of twists and turns. – Amazon review

This beautifully written novel mesmerized me from the beginning… I loved all the aspects of the plot including the de Falla family drama, Spanish culture, gypsies, bull-fighting, danger, jealousy, lies, revenge and passion. I think Indiscretion would make a great movie or tele novella. – Amazon review

I totally recommend it… Indiscretion is a great romantic story with much tension, dram, a brooding hero and an emotional journey. – Goodreads review

A beautiful woven story of romance and adventure… I plan to read all of the author’s novels both in the past and in future releases because out of all the authors in the industry today Fielding has stood out. – The Bookish and the Romantic

A great historical fiction book filled with romance, tension and drama… I could not help turning page after page. If you are a fan of historical fiction than I would definitely recommend this book. – So Bookalicious

It’s been just one day since I’ve read this book and believe me I miss it badly… I sensed every fragrance of Spain, I imagined every beautiful landscape there, I felt every feeling that the main characters feel and I enjoyed every single word written by Hannah Fielding. – Books Are My Life

A story we can all get lost in… Hannah has the magic in her writing to transport her readers into another world, I savoured every word. – Goodreads review

Great historical romance… Very well written, beautifully descriptive full of intrigue and passion. – Amazon review

Fully developed, intricate, intimate, heart wrenching – this novel is all these things and more. Myths, expectations, love and lust all collide to make one of the most compelling romances that I’ve read since Outlander. Seriously, five stars. An amazing novel that I felt like I could have highlighted the whole thing. – Books Are Delightful

A great book for romance lovers… I love the passion and detail that Hannah Fielding puts into her work. – Amazon review

I thoroughly loved this book… This is a romance with multiple twists and turns that keeps the reader riveted and intrigued. – Amazon review

A breathtaking, memorable read – I couldn’t put it down…Indiscretion is a most memorable read and Hannah Fielding has pulled it off again. – Amazon review

Un-put-downable romance just like they used to write… It has all the hallmarks of the author’s style: vivid, transporting descriptions, magical locations, danger and intrigue and of course unbridled and unashamed romance. I can honestly say that I picked it up and wasn’t able to put it down until I had finished the last page – and then I was tempted to start it all over again! – Amazon review

Spain comes alive… The reader is transported into the land and its culture in this spellbinding story. The romance is both dark and breathtaking in its depth. A wonderful book by this author who I will read again. – Amazon review

The author has woven an exciting and engrossing story… She brings alive a world of bull fighting, gypsies and fascinating cultures all set in a stunning landscape. I found this novel to be an elegantly written love story and well worth reading. – Amazon review

[Hannah’s] books are great holiday reads, being extremely evocative of the time and place… [Her] writing is usually quite evocative, but in this book, she has surpassed herself with the richness of her scenic descriptions… I recommend this book warmly. – Book Pleasures

A beautifully stunning old school Spanish romance…  It was so easy to get swept away in the story and forget where I was!! If you love romance novels or even historical fiction, this is definitely one to pick up! – Debra’s Book Café

Rich with atmosphere, scenes that bring breezes and sunshine to life with all the beauty and grace of the region… Tales of gypsies add a magical touch and the words of Hannah Fielding flow like a gentle river downstream. Lively characters that share a myriad of personalities and cause tension-filled scenes that will touch the inner romantic in all of us. – Tome Tender

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