Love, intrigue and redemption under the scorching Spanish sun

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Legacy by Hannah Fielding

A troubled young journalist finds her loyalties tested when love and desire unearth dark secrets from the past.

Spring, 2010. When Luna Ward, a science journalist from New York, travels halfway across the world to work undercover at an alternative health clinic in Cadiz, her ordered life is thrown into turmoil.

The doctor she is to investigate, the controversial Rodrigo Rueda de Calderon, is not what she expected. With his wild gypsy looks and devilish sense of humour, he is intent upon drawing her to him. But how can she surrender to a passion that threatens all reason; and how could he ever learn to trust her when he discovers her true identity? Then Luna finds that Ruy is carrying a corrosive secret of his own…

Luna’s native Spanish blood begins to fire in this land of exotic legends, flamboyant gypsies and seductive flamenco guitars, as dazzling Cadiz weaves its own magic on her heart. Can Luna and Ruy’s love survive their families’ legacy of feuding and tragedy, and rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the past?

Legacy is a story of truth, dreams and desire. But in a world of secrets you need to be careful what you wish for…

Selected reviews

Legacy is filled to the brim with family scandal, frustrated love and hidden secrets. Ruy is the ideal love interest, exuding both charm and intelligence, and Luna fits the part of innocent and fragile heroine perfectly. Fast-paced and addictive, it will keep you hooked from start to finish. – The Lady magazine

Epic and timeless… In the vein of ‘Gone With The Wind’, this particular book is just as epic and timeless. Written with lively detail, you are IN Spain. You are engulfed in the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful country. – Have You Heard Book Reviews

Breathtaking and Dream-like… Mrs. Fielding describes the sites in an incredibly breathtaking way. It made me feel as though I was seeing the splendor of Spain through my very own eyes; that made feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never been…  I’m not usually a hopeless romantic, but reading this novel got me soaring into a whole new level of exquisiteness and ardor. – Painfully Fictional

Extract of the book

Luna made her way deeper into the room, looking for a table nearer the patio where she would be less affected by the fog of smoke. The tavern was packed. The audience was mostly men and what women there were, were all accompanied. Luna was the only single woman in the place, and it made her feel uncomfortable. She began to regret her rash decision. Back in New York she had never been to a bar alone, so why had she suddenly decided it was a good idea to do so on her first night in Barcelona? Her pale blonde hair and pearly complexion caused her to stand out starkly against the darker colouring of the Spaniards who filled the club.

There was a drop in the level of noise as she became an object of interest. Men’s eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. Some of them whispered to each other, casting sidelong glances. Women also stared, their eyes narrowing, reflecting quite a different sentiment altogether. The cuadro had stopped playing while the musicians sipped their wine and a new dancer emerged from the background to take over the lead. Luna stood at the side of the seated audience and glanced around.

Maybe I should go back, she thought, feeling distinctly out of place.

And then it happened … their eyes met across the room and held for a long moment. The effect was electric and hit Luna like a bolt of lightning. His gaze, fringed by long black lashes, burned with a fire that scorched her as it moved slowly and deliberately over her face, then her body, with frank admiration, as if drinking in her every feature. Though she could not see the exact colour of his eyes at this distance, she knew they were paler than his tanned complexion – brilliant and alive with passion.

The man before her was mesmerizing in his perfect male beauty. His bold, open stare should have made her want to turn and run but something more powerful than she had ever experienced, a shot of pure adrenaline in her blood, had her rooted to the spot. In that split second of silent meeting, Luna’s heart seemed to turn over in her breast and her pulse accelerated to a wild beat.

Puedo llevar a la señorita un vaso de sangria y unas tapas?

Can I bring the señorita a glass of sangria and some tapas?’ The solicitous voice of the waiter brought Luna back down to earth with a bump. As she hesitated, still a little confused, he smiled at her. ‘I’ve got a free table, down at the front. It’s a hot night and you’ll have a perfect view of the band.’

’Yes, thank you.’ In a daze she followed the waiter and took her place outside, under the starry sky, as the fiery music started up again.

Luna’s gaze was drawn back to the stage, to that sculpted face. He was one of the musicians, and a gypsy, she had no doubt. Now he took up a mandolin and began to accompany the two other guitarists and a drummer who was beating a tabla, a type of drum she remembered having seen in Egypt, with an opening at one end. A couple of girls from the audience had joined the cuadro and the dancer on stage. The atmosphere was spontaneous and wild.

From her vantage point, Luna had a full view of her gypsy and she could survey him without it being too obvious. His hair was black, thick and shining, swept back from a broad forehead. The hair was rather long, she noted, but perhaps not that long for a gitano. A few tendrils fell across his brow from time to time as he moved his head to the music. His chiselled features were strong, with high cheekbones and an aquiline nose that seemed more aristocratic than gypsy, though this was belied by the crackling  aura of raw danger that seemed to emanate from him.

His mouth was wide and inviting, with smooth, slightly bowed lips that prompted illicit thoughts in Luna, thoughts that raced uninvited through her head and made her shiver despite the warmth of the night. Now she could see that the eyes that had met hers with such intensity were blue, a deep, unfathomable blue, like the skies and the seas of his country. Luna wondered at his age: mid-thirties, maybe a little younger.

As the dancer finished her set and retreated, the gypsy stood up, came forward and murmured an announcement of the next song, making a fresh thrill ripple up Luna’s spine at the husky, masculine sound of his voice. He started the rhythmic clapping of a toca de mano, and the waiter went round refilling glasses while the audience joined in, working up to a crescendo of hand-claps until the whole tavern shook with cries of ‘olé’ and ‘anda.

The gypsy was much taller than Luna had guessed – over six feet, with a perfectly proportioned, lithe body. Wide shoulders and a broad chest, narrow hips and muscled thighs clad in a pair of jeans that hugged his form so well it left little to the imagination. She was aware of his intense magnetism, which was just as powerful as his steely physique. At this distance, she could detect the dark, curling hair lightly covering his chest just visible at the neck of the faded T-shirt he wore with surprising panache. The muscles of his arms flexed as this time he picked up a guitar and strummed a rapid cascade of chords. He gazed down into her eyes. The dazzling white smile he gave her almost stopped her heart and she lowered her head to hide her confusion.

As the rhythmic clapping subsided, he began to sing. His voice was rich and mellow, warm with vibrant tones and tingling with emotion, beguiling and beckoning like a filtre d’amour that scrambled her thoughts and stirred primitive and alarming desires within her. The music was plaintive and feverish, and as Luna watched his long fingers alternately strum and flick across the strings of his guitar, first lightly and then harder at lightning speed, she found herself wondering how those hands would feel on her skin. His songs were in Caló so she could not understand the words, but she could sense the intensity of feeling that went into the full, vigorous notes and although he sang to the audience, she knew from the sensuous intimacy in his eyes that he was singing for her alone.

Luna sat breathless, her gaze fixed on his expressive face. Luna sat breathless, her gaze fixed on his expressive face, stirred to the depths of her soul.

He was applauded madly as the last notes of his passionate melody faded and his fingers lay still on the guitar. Luna clapped as long and loudly as everyone else. New customers were now piling into the tavern, and she shook herself out of her trance and tried to wrestle back her grip on reality. She glanced at her watch: it was past one o’clock in the morning. The gypsy guitarist was surrounded by fans, young and old, and was obviously enjoying the attention. She must be thinking of getting back, she told herself, her eyes lingering on the broad, muscular back of the guitarist as he headed for the bar. She wondered if she would find a taxi at this hour. After signalling to the waiter she paid her bill, leaving a generous tip. Then, on impulse, she took out of her purse a fifty-euro note.

Por favor dar a este al guitarrista que acaba de cantar, please give this to the guitarist who just sang,’ she told him.

The waiter grinned broadly. ‘Gracias, muchas gracias, señorita,’ he said, giving a curt bow. ‘But things are only warming up. Are you sure you won’t stay and enjoy the dancing?’

As if on cue, the musicians still on stage took up a fast, syncopated thrumming on their guitars and the whole crowd whooped and broke into wild stamping again.

‘You see, señorita, the night is still young, as they say.’

Luna stood up and smiled, calling on all her self-discipline.

‘Not for me, I’m afraid. But thank you, the music has been wonderful,’ she said, and started to make her way back through the room as the waiter hurried off to deliver her tip.

People jostled past Luna in their eagerness to join the dancing, which by now had spilled out on to the patio. The relentless rhythm of the music seemed to grow louder as if calling her back. And then she looked up at the bar.

He was there with the waiter, who was saying something in his ear and pointing in Luna’s direction. The guitarist ran a hand through his hair and looked at her. He nodded his thanks for the tip, and held up two glasses filled with what looked like fino. A quizzical expression danced in his bright eyes.

Luna’s mouth went dry: he was inviting her to stay. Conflicting emotions flashed through her, none that she could quite grasp but every one of them making her heart pulse faster as the music continued to vibrate through the tavern.


Vividly raw and real… This novel is quite eloquently written. Fielding employs brilliant descriptions to bring her world to life… a well-rounded and full bodied story… very well developed characters. – Pure Jonel

An enthralling sense of escape… Hannah Fielding’s descriptions of Kenya were transporting, illuminating and gorgeous – and yet not sugar-coated. She describes problems amidst the glorious beauty, which makes her novel all-the-more intriguing. – Amazon review

Beautifully written… Ms. Fielding is a wonderful storyteller. I was drawn into the beauty of Africa and felt like I could really imagine what the country looked like. Truly wonderful… Pages of Comfort

The story of Coral and Rafe’s journey is so provocative, emotional and touching… Highly recommend this novel, especially if you are looking for a refreshing love story! – Miscallaneous Thoughts of a Bookaholic

Burning Embers isn’t the type of novel you simply read – it is the kind of book you devour! By the end of the story, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be clutching and shredding Kleenex in your hands… one of the most beautiful and powerful love stories I’ve read in quite a while. – Book Bag Lady

Beautifully written and the emotion leaps right off the page… I recommend this book to anyone who likes historical romance stories or anyone who loves a really romantic story. This book is not just a romance between two people but a love affair with Kenya itself. It’s obvious that the author loves Kenya and brings its beautiful landscapes to life vividly. This is truly a lovely book and one worth putting on your to-read list.– Sharon’s Book Nook

Loved it… I found that I was completely enamoured of this story and wanted to read it at every opportunity, and although I needed to discover more about the smouldering romance between Coral and Rafe, I also wanted to read more about the vivid landscape of Africa, which is brought to life so vividly by this talented author. – Amazon review

The heat is on and this is a story that tugs at the heart… The writing is so grounded yet magical. I loved the contrasts
It felt like stepping into the most beautiful oil painting with thick lavish colours and the most delicate finest moments of translucency. In some ways so simple and sweet, yet so fragrant, heady and complex. – Amazon review

More than just a book… Burning Embers reminds me of the sweeping old-fashioned romance novels that I used to read when I was younger.  Hannah Fielding writes with a multi-sensory style that had me experiencing the story on so many unexpected levels. The language and imagery are lush, the history is intriguing and the characters are tormented.  It was more than just a book, it was almost an event unto itself – and I’m glad I went along for the ride.  – Martini Times Romance

A good-old fashioned love story… I read romance to escape and this is the perfect book for achieving that. Heroine who’s young, naive and has a lot to learn. Hero who’s alpha and hot and has a past and a string of women. A different time, world, and class. The kind of romance that involves picnics in abandoned valleys and hot-air balloon rides and swimming in isolated lakes. Heavenly. – Amazon review

Can’t wait for her next book… You know that feeling when you discover a new writer you just click with? That’s me with Hannah Fielding. Her book stands apart from most of the romance I read these days. You can feel her background coming through, her travels, her French upbringing. Her writing is so poetic and vivid, and the story hooked me from the start. I want to be Coral, living in a more innocent time in a beautiful, hot location, falling for a rich, attractive , broody man. Can’t wait for her next book. – Amazon review

Be still my beating heart!… Phew, this is certainly passionate! It’s not erotica by any means, but the intrigue and suspense and steamy tension build to some very hot love scenes (move over 50 Shades…). I love the slight melodramatic feel in places, like an old movie, and the exotic backdrop. Really indulgent romance. – Amazon review

Location, location, location… I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a setting so much in a novel. Usually in the romances I read setting is just a minor thing described a little at the start. But in this book the settings like a livig breathing part of the story. By the end of the book I wanted to book a flight to Kenya and go see some of the places described. The story itself is great – plenty of romance and mystery in there – but for me it’s the setting that sticks in my mind. – Amazon review

I would give six stars if I could The author has a wonderful way with words and descriptive writing places the reader right at the center of every scene. The story jumped off the page. All in all this is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it, especially at this time of year. Perfect beach read. – Amazon review

An excellent read…  If you’re looking for intrigue and romance this is the novel for you.  I highly recommend it. – A Novel Review

An accomplished author who knows her craft… for a debut novel BURNING EMBERS is first class – beautifully written with an intriguing premise and interesting characters. – Romancing the Book

Hot, sultry, breathtakingly beautiful and entirely unpredictable… I think the end analysis of a good read is whether it lingers, and this one certainly did. – A Bookish Libraria

A wonderful ending… The author’s writing … was gentle and poetic. This is the perfect book that you can read before you get into bed or if you want to relax for the weekend. – Quality Reads UK

Beautifully written, romantic story… Great characters set against exotic landscapes. All the right ingredients for very engaging story. – Goodreads review

A compelling, passionate love story… A beautifully written book by a ‘wordsmith’ who clearly loves Africa, especially Kenya, it is a compelling, passionate love story that will thrill and grip any devotee of romantic fiction. – Amazon review

A truly cinematic story… Burning Embers is an evocative story, full of lush imagery, fascinating characters, and exotic locales. Hannah Fielding’s use of the English language is inspiring, her … writing is vivid, compelling, magical. It’s an upmarket saga, full of mystery, twists, and turns. A truly cinematic story. Smart, sensual, contemporary fiction with a seamless five-star execution.  – Jan Moran

Feels like you are there with them… I really loved the characters of the story. If you love romance stories that keep you guessing what is going to happen, then this book is for you! The author also describes things with such detail that it feels like you are there with them! – Goodreads review

A good old-fashioned romance!…  with Hannah Fielding’s book I felt I was transported straight to Kenya and into a world far removed from the usual romance fluff on offer these days. The writing lifts this book out of the conventional romance genre, with descriptions of the exotic backdrop of the African wilderness so evocative and enchanting that you can almost see the country around you as the love story develops. The plot had me hooked… And the hints of African black magic, together with the exotic backdrop of the African wilderness, were reminiscent of the old Hollywood films and adventures they don’t seem to make any more. … I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who expects a little more from a romantic novel and I shall be looking out for Hannah Fielding’s next book with great anticipation! – Amazon review

For  any romance reader experiencing a serious case of wanderlust… Ms Fielding has expertly wielded her plotting and descriptive skills in bringing to life this love story. And by rendering the exotic scenery and setting with careful and convincing detail, the author puts the reader right on the African continent and involves us in Coral and Rafe’s tense romantic adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed this nostalgic trip on a foreign continent, and I would recommend it to any romance reader experiencing a serious case of wanderlust. – Goodreads review

Heart capturing romance… Burning Embers is a beautifully written contemporary historical romance…. heart capturing romance with an undercurrent of mystery. – Paulette’s Papers

It warmed every corner of my heart… The story is absolutely wonderful. This story bases itself on love, the kind that runs deep, the kind that leaves you knowing without a doubt, that person loves you. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found that it warmed every corner of my heart. – Cocktails and Books

What a great book!… I love Africa and have always been interested in the country. This author makes you believe that you are there in every way. I would read this before I went to sleep at night and would dream about being there, her description was that good. – Goodreads review

Exotic adventure… Well done, Hannah Fielding! What an incredible story… You drew me in straight away with the setup on the ship! The adventure of Coral and Rafe started there and progressed to Kenya. Amazing setting descriptions that can only come from a true appreciation of that country. I loved your characters. They were easy to relate to yet they came in layers. And the only way I could discover the next layer was to keep reading. I felt the sizzle between Coral and Rafe early on and watched it grow into love, but along with the growing affection came a ton of conflict. And it just kept coming – everything from secondary characters to gossip, mystery, doubt, mistrust, and more was thrown at Coral and Rafe to keep them apart. All of those things took the hero and heroine to the breaking point and all seemed lost. But the thing about true love, it doesn’t give up. This book was expertly written to keep me wanting more. I would definitely read this author again! – Goodreads review

Well written and highly entertaining… I found this book a great read. It captures the reader’s attention from the beginning, weaving the story in such a manner that it is easy to slip right into the plot… The way Fielding writes, with lush detail that never overwhelms or bores, really takes the reader right to the places she describes… The plot is quick, as it should be in this genre, with nice sense of timing… I do recommend this book for all lovers of a romantic story that is well written and highly entertaining. – Carabosse’s Library book blog

A compelling, passionate love story… A beautifully written book by a ‘wordsmith’ who clearly loves Africa, especially Kenya, it is a compelling, passionate love story that will thrill and grip any devotee of romantic fiction. – Goodreads review

A wonderful written image of Kenya… ‘The real star of BURNING EMBERS was the setting. Hannah Fielding created a backdrop for this story that held me spellbound. Using her travel experiences, she is able to weave a wonderful written image of Kenya and the time period so that I felt as if I was truly in Africa.’ – Unwrapping Romance blog

A very good read… “Burning Embers” is a book that I have won through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway. I am glad to have been a recipient of this book as it was, indeed, a very good read. I really enjoyed this book and I know that anyone that reads it will too. Thank you Goodreads and Ms. Fielding. – Goodreads review

Such a delight… ‘What can I say I absolutely loved this book. It took me on a journey to Africa that I did not want to come back from… The writing style was beautiful and such a delight to experience. It held me captivated to the very end.’  – Goodreads review.

A writing style which draws you into the book… ‘This is the first book I have read by Hannah Fielding and I will start by saying it won’t be my last. I won this book in a competition and what a prize it turned out to be. Hannah Fielding has a writing style which draws you into the book and immerses you in it… I would definitely recommend.’ – Amazon review

One of my favourite summer reads… ‘Burning Embers is a beautifully written novel; I was engrossed in the story from start to finish. I loved the setting of the book in 1970s Kenya which lent perfectly to accentuating “the heat” between the two protagonists, Coral and Rafe. The intense love story that unfolds coupled with the sublimely poetic descriptions of the landscape and setting left me gripped throughout. Burning Embers has definitely been one of my favourite summer reads, and I highly recommend it – easily five stars.’ – Amazon review

An intense, vivid and passionate love story…  ‘Burning Embers is a lovely read. Hannah Fielding’s historical novel places her principal character, the beautiful, blond twenty-five year old Coral Sinclair, firmly in the 1970’s. This frees the narrative from any contemporary challenges concerning the complexity of gender stereotyping. Not for Coral are there problems of balancing a career, marriage, motherhood and independence. The author allows her imagination to flourish as she constructs an intense, vivid and passionate love story. She writes with great descriptive flair and sensitive observation evoking successfully the beautiful and exotic African landscape… This is a good book which I would thoroughly recommend.’ – Amazon review

A nostalgic innocence… ‘This book is enchanting from the moment you begin reading it… I was swept away by the charm and quality of the writing. The style has a nostalgic innocence which is so rare in modern novels and some of the descriptions, particularly of the African wilderness, are breath-taking. The two key characters, Coral and Rafe, are both captivating and attractive without becoming stereotypes, and the story of their love is believable as well as romantic. The historical and Kenyan setting are both well-researched and provide a wonderful backdrop… I would recommend this book as a rare gem with wide appeal, a really excellent read.’  – Amazon review

‘An epic romance like Hollywood used to make… The setting is Kenya in the 1970s where Coral Sinclair has come to claim the plantation she has inherited. But the handsome stranger she met on the boat from England turns out to be Rafe, the notorious womaniser. But an unlikely love blossoms against a wild and beautiful backdrop. Ahh!’  Peterborough Evening Telegraph

‘A destructive, historical romance  laced with greed, revenge, betrayal and love.’  What’s On magazine in Kent newspapers

A captivating journey… ‘… a book to get lost in. It’ll take you on a captivating journey to a time and a place I’ve never experienced. Her descriptions are so vivid you feel like you are there! The love story between Coral and Rafe is not an easy one and you are kept on your toes throughout the book wondering how it will end. If you want to treat yourself to a good book this summer, you should read Burning Embers. – Amazon review

A wonderful romance… ‘What a delight! Here is a book that is true to its genre and that transfers us to a world of true love and romance… What I enjoyed the most about this book was not only the author’s romantic description of the intense feelings amongst the two main protagonists, Coral and Rafe, but that it was set in one of the most historically important times for Kenya…  Here is an author of a wonderful romance who intuitively seems to have understood Mboya’s role in Kenya’s politics at the time and the ripple effects his assassination had on the future of the country. In addition, this is not a naïve book – the author understands that behind every fulfilled love there is likely to be an unfulfilled one. … Overall a great book, thank you Hannah Fielding.’ – Amazon review

A truly compelling and romantic tale that you won’t want to put down… ‘… a novel guaranteed to set your soul alight…  This novel has everything from romance, to suspense and passion as well as betrayal and some truly touching moments that leave your heart warmed to the core. … Transporting you to the native and magical atmosphere of Africa, Fielding achieves a level of knowledge and intensity in her writing that leaves us as the reader taken to a mystical world that we can lose ourselves in. The perfect read to indulge in some escapism, Burning Embers is surprisingly Fielding’s debut novel and most definitely one to read. A truly compelling and romantic tale that you won’t want to put down.’  Go City Girl

A romantic delight… ‘Burning Embers is a romantic delight and an absolute must-read for anyone looking to escape to a world of colour, beauty, passion and love. I was recommended this book by a friend at my book club and I have to say, it was a wonderful discovery. I was utterly transported and gripped from the outset… What I really loved about this book was the way that Hannah Fielding paints such a vivid picture – not only of the characters, their hopes, fears and dreams, but also the place where all the drama unfolds. For those who can’t go to Kenya in reality, this has got to be the next best thing… There is a wonderful sensitivity to the way Hannah Fielding writes – almost old fashioned, like the books of Victoria Holt which I so enjoyed in my teens. I just can’t wait to read her next book.’  – Amazon review

A lovely way to escape from everyday life… ‘If you like a feel-good romantic novel then you will not be disappointed by this wonderfully evocative love story set in Kenya in the 1970’s. The descriptive passages are excellent and truly conjure up the warmth and beauty of that most magical country. The story proceeds at a good pace with characters who make one just want to keep reading and to remain in their world… Hannah Fielding has certainly written a very well researched, interesting and highly enjoyable first novel, hopefully many more will follow. A great holiday read or just a lovely way to escape from everyday life.’  Amazon review

Beautifully written, exciting and full of passion… ‘Sometimes when you read a good book you don’t want to stop, even when your eyes are closing, then you can’t wait to start reading again. Burning Embers is definitely one of them. Passionately written romance, I loved author’s style – so different. The love scenes are written amazingly. Beautifully written, exciting and full of passion…’  Amazon review

Everything that I want in a book to keep me interested… ‘This book had everything that I want in a book to keep me interested, romance, passion, mystery and the descriptive narrative of the Kenyan countryside made me wish I was there instead of being stuck here on a damp summer’s day.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases from Hannah to see where she takes us next.’  Shaz’z Book Blog

A wonderful read… ‘I received this book free from the author and simply loved it! The story takes place in Africa, and Hannah makes it sound so wonderful! I would love to be able to visit it someday. I fell in love with Coral and Rafe and immediately took a disliking to Coral’s stepmother, Cybil! I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends! Thank you, Hannah for a wonderful read!’ – Goodreads review

If the sign of a good book is that it transports you to another place this book is it… ‘Hannah Fielding’s first book Burning Embers takes you on an unforgettable journey to Africa in the 1970s. Her vivid descriptions of Africa and beautiful love story will take you away. … The descriptions in this book are pictures painted with words. The love story is sensual without being crude. The characters well developed and the book totally enjoyable. If the sign of a good book is that it transports you to another place this book is it. It is a book that I would re-read and one that I will share with my friends.’ – Goodreads review

I was whisked away to somewhere hot and exquisitely beautiful… ‘I love the detailed description used in this book, and the author’s obvious passion for the setting, its people, wildlife and scenery – it really made the book come alive. For a few hours I was whisked away to somewhere hot and exquisitely beautiful… As expected, this book delivers many surprising complications in Coral and Rafe’s love story, including a step-mother, ex-lovers, illness, accidents, misunderstandings and sorcery – all of which make this book a real page turner. ..  The author’s description of characters brings them leaping from the page, so much so that… I really wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on, and see them happy together in the end… You will love this book if you enjoy fantastic description, steamy and fiery characters and romances, and a little bit of mystery too.’ – Goodreads review

I found myself lost in the story… ‘The cover and the blurb suggested passion and intrigue, and it didn’t disappoint. I found myself lost in the story, and ended up staying up late to finish it. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing style – more poetic than most contemporary romance I read. Looking at the author’s website, I see she was brought up speaking French, and I think something of that comes through in how she writes. My favourite aspect of the book was the setting; I visited Kenya for a safari as a child and had remembered the scenery, and I think this book really conveys a sense of the country. All in all, a good read and I’ll look out for her next book.’ – Goodreads review

Can’t wait for the next book to come out… ‘Have you ever wished of running away from everyday’s life and leaping into the pages of a mesmerizing book that will embrace you with romance, thrill you with suspense and carry you into a new world filled with exotic fragrances and vivid descriptions that will animate your imagination? Well, Burning Embers is all that and then some… I really loved Burning Embers and couldn’t let go of it, which is amazing, because I’m not usually a great fan of romance novels. But thanks to the author’s way of teleporting the reader to a distant place and time, depicting the sceneries with such pictorial colours, painting the heroes with such genuine emotions, that not only did I ideate the locale, connect with Coral and Rafe, but felt as if I was part of the plot. I give five stars to Hannah Fielding and Burning Embers. And I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Hats off to Hannah Fielding on her first novel – and many more I hope.’ – Amazon review

The kind of romance that makes you sigh dreamily… ‘Burning Embers is that kind of romance that makes you sigh dreamily and lets your mind wonder to the beautiful lands of Africa, where it’s set. Hannah Fielding writes so beautifully that I really felt like I was being embraced by the magical atmosphere of  Kenya and I was witnessing the touching love story between Coral and Rafe unfold … Rafe has definitely entered the list of my favorite male characters … A book that’s really worth the read.’ – Bookish Temptations

A beautifully told story with well developed and memorable characters in an exotic setting… This book is well worth reading. – Amazon review

Words cannot truly describe how amazingly beautiful this book is!… This is a truly beautiful story that I would highly recommend to everyone! – Debra’s Book Café

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