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  • Hannah Fielding - Romance Novelist


A brilliant romance concerned with love, revenge, identity and honour… Hannah Fielding writes of love, sexual tension and longing with an amazing delicacy and lushness, almost luxury. – Lindsay Townsend, author

Artful, sumptuous, romantic – a fantastic read… If you like stunning settings, a touch of culture, epic romance, heart-thumping drama and beautifully poetic writing… read Masquerade! – Amazon review

The symbolism, the mystery, the passion – her best yet… I can’t wait for the last book in the series, and to see where the author takes the next generation of characters – and to revisit Andalucia, which the books have made me fallen in love with. – Amazon review

A complexly crafted and one of a kind tale… A sweet, lifelike novel that allows readers to escape reality into its pages. – Pure Jonel

Totally captivating… a super story, very well written. – Amazon review

So easy to give this a 5 *!… Luz is attracted to the gypsy and the hidalgo, but how is that possible? Her journey to understand this conflict in her heart is beautifully told. – Amazon review

There is a lot of intrigue… the characters and their emotions are complex, and the descriptions are vivid. I would definitely recommend Masquerade! – Amazon review

Interesting and unique story… The story and characters are compelling, intriguing, real, raw, honest, and down to earth. – Amazon review

I very much enjoyed this story, to the point where I think it’s my favorite in the series so far… Like always, Fielding does a great job of painting a scene, and I felt like I was in the book and going through what Luz did… I’d recommend [Masquerade] to anyone who loves a romantic, emotional read. – Amazon review

A beautiful journey back in time to a beautiful city to experience a story filled with passion, heartbreak, revenge, betrayal, and love… If you’re a fan of beautiful settings, fabulous imagery, and descriptions that make you feel, smell, and sense the place then definitely read Masquerade. – Unwrapping Romance

A beautiful love story of passion and love, curses and family secrets… With beautiful descriptions and exotic locations the author weaves a heart wrenching tale of love and revenge… This story led me on an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of it. – Curse of the Bibliophile

Overall it was a great read and I can’t wait to read more by Hannah Fielding. If you love romance and you haven’t checked out this trilogy, you should. These are some good books. – The Book Hoarder

I am in love with the writing style of the author! It brings not only the world alive, but the characters as well. She creates so much emotion and feeling…  She truly did justice with bringing the beauty and drama of Spanish society alive yet again. – Carole Rae’s Ramblings

Sensuous, Drama Filled Spanish Love Story… I loved the book. Ms. Fielding describes Spain so beautifully. – Amazon review

I loved this romantic tale and the honesty the author portrayed in her characters… The world painted by the words of the author pulled you into the story right away and the characters were written so well you could feel the raw emotion. – Amazon review

Interesting and unique story… The story and characters are compelling, intriguing, real, raw, honest, and down to earth. Masquerades have always intrigued me but to have it as running theme thorough out the whole book was something delicious to behold. – Amazon review

Delightfully evocative and very readable…  a read that lingers in the mind’s eye, long after the book has been laid aside… Warmly recommended. – Book Pleasures

[A]n enjoyable read that has love, lies, revenge and secrets… A story of pure and real love surviving all problems. – Perfection in Books

Really, really, really romantic… and the location is lush. It was like reading a classic. Thumbs up! – Amazon review

Romance at its best… The description of Spain makes me want to go and see for myself. Every word was vividly written. Can’t wait to read more of this author! – Amazon review

A unique story with wonderful writing… Within the first chapter I was pulled in and didn’t come up for air until the final word was read. (Stayed up all night!) – Amazon review

Romance and intrigue at its best!… A very clever sophisticated plot. Overall a great romantic read full of passion and intrigue. I thoroughly enjoyed it. – Amazon review

A romantic, atmospheric story… This was honestly one of the most aesthetically pleasing and sensual books I’ve read in a long time. Of course, the setting played no small part in the sensuality of the novel. Cadiz came alive for me, and it was as though I was there, tasting the saltiness of the sea water and watching the bulls run. – Amazon review

Oh my gosh! I love this author!…  The writing, the story… It all comes together beautifully! – Amazon review

This engrossing, gorgeous romantic tale was one of my favorite reads in recent memory…  This book had intrigue, mystery, revenge, passion and tantalizing love scenes that held captive the reader and didn’t allow a moment’s rest through all of the twists and turns. This is a gifted writer who was able to pen a vibrant, moving and thrilling story with so many engaging characters and plot that was wonderful from start to finish. – Amazon review

A beautiful story I couldn’t get enough of… There really is something special about Hannah Fielding’s writing… I was soon completely pulled into the romantic and poetic way Hannah Fielding writes her stories… Her books are beautiful and just so romantic, you’ll never want them to end! It’s a promise! – Maureen’s Books

A lovely romance that had me entertained throughout… Hannah Fielding takes us to Spain and although I have never been there, it felt like I was actually there and could feel myself soaking the atmosphere. – NjKinny’s World of Books & Stuff

Beautifully written!… From the moment I started reading I couldn’t put this book down. It’s fantastically mysterious and an incredible emotional ride. – Amazon review

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