A novel tour: Favourite blogs on my novels

A novel tour: Favourite blogs on my novels

A novel tour: Favourite blogs on my novels

Ten years, many hundreds of blogs exploring my novels. Here are my favourites...

Can you believe that I have been writing this blog for a decade? In fact, this month marks my ten-year ‘blogaversary’. Over the years, I have written blogs on so many different topics, from romance to reading, history to art – and, of course, my novels. Today, I thought I would take you on ‘a novel tour’ of my favourite blogs relating to my books.


Burning Embers

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An interview with Rafe de Monfort, hero of Burning Embers

An interview with Coral Sinclair, heroine of Burning Embers

Favourite poem: Les éléphants

The creatures of African legends

The Mpingo tree

The setting for Burning Embers: Mombasa

Love that weathers the storms

‘We chase dreams and embrace shadows’: Anatole France

The kindness of strangers


The Echoes of Love

The Echoes of Love

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The wisdom of Confucius for a lost and lonely heart

A most Venetian collectable: Murano glass

The bridges of Venice

Dorsoduro, Venice: Home for a creative soul

The masks of the Venice Carnival

The fragility of Venetian beauty

The legend of the Bocolo

In his own words: Paolo Barone

In her own words: Venetia



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The secret language of the Spanish fan

Machismo: a positive or a negative quality?

The era of Indiscretion: 1950s Spain

Falling for the matador?

‘In Spain blood boils without fire’: The power of the proverb

Alexandra: The motherless daughter

The Jerez Horse Fair

Tales of the Alhambra

A little tour of the Alcazar, Seville



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10 things I love about Andalusia

Written in the stars: The power of fortune telling

Luz: A heroine of the sexual revolution

The Running of the Bulls

The weeping of the guitar

Finding inspiration at the San Sebastián Castle, Cadiz

The Moorish legacy in Andalucía

Duende: the artistic flamenco spirit

Welcome to Cádiz



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Seville’s Plaza de España, the most beautiful in Spain?

The colourful character behind the wisdom of Legacy

Taking inspiration from the Andalucían almadraba

Castanets and Spanish folk dancing

Career matters… when it comes to romance

All the world’s a stage: a Shakespearean echo in Legacy

The legend at the heart of Andalucían Nights

Believing in fate, honouring the Fates

Romancing the moon


Aphrodite’s Tears

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Birds as omens: divination the Ancient Greek way

Sun, sea and sky: a scenic tour of Aphrodite’s Tears

Fear of failure: a driving force, or one that hinders?

The sea casts its spell: sailing to the Bandits’ Lair with my hero and heroine

He who fights sharks: My scarred hero, Damian

Underwater archaeology: the Roman galleon shipwreck that inspired my writing

Making beauty out of tragedy: the tears of Aphrodite

A Greek gastronomic tour through my novel Aphrodite’s Tears

Calypso and Odysseus: a tale of love, or bewitchment?



Concerto by Hannah Fielding

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Muse: The woman in the shadows

Views of Lake Como: ‘a spot blessed by heaven’

The classical music that inspired Concerto

Music: the language of passion

The blind hero: finding hope in adversity

Weathering the storms in my novel Concerto

A man in the shadows: Light and darkness in Concerto

La Traviata, Madam Butterfly and Carmen: operatic inspirations for my writing

Caught in a tangled web: The secretive heroine


Song of the Nile

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Meet the heroine and hero of Song of the Nile

Source of life: the mighty Nile of Egypt

A caged bird? The place of a woman in 1940s Egypt

Mysterious giants: The pyramids of Giza

Aida: an opera of love and tragedy

‘Flying without wings’: the Arabian horse in Song of the Nile

Protecting Egyptian antiquities

A heroine struggling to trust

Favourite Egyptian proverbs

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