Reasons to read ebooks

Reasons to read ebooks

Reasons to read ebooks

Do you read ebooks? If not, you're missing out on some great advantages...

Regular readers of my blog will know I am a bibliophile. I love books, not only for the journeys on which they take me but for the beauty of the objects themselves.

In recent years, though, I have come to appreciate the many benefits of ebooks.

‘Portable magic’

Stephen King described books as a uniquely portable magic. Well, ebooks are even more portable than print books! Your light, slim ereader – or phone, if you prefer – is so easy to fit into a bag when you are going out and about. Ideal for reading in a café, on a park bench, on the beach, on a plane.

Not only can you take your latest read with you, but you can take an entire library of books to dip into as you wish. And if you want to shop for a new book while you’re out, that’s as simple as connecting to Wi-Fi.

Read whatever you want right now

Your ereader is a portal to the world’s biggest bookshop where everything is always in stock! Whatever you are in the mood to read, you’ll find it. These days some books are only available in ebook format, so you have exclusive access.

Plus, there’s no need to wait for your new book until you can pop to a bookstore or place an order; a new book can be yours in a matter of seconds. Especially valuable if the bookstore is closed, which, sadly, has been happening more and more in recent times.

Try before you buy

If you read an ebook and love it, then you can choose to buy a print copy to keep on your shelf. In that way, ebooks allow you to ‘try before you buy’ and curate a home library of books you absolutely love. No more taking bags of paperbacks to the charity shop because they’re not keepers.

Ease of reading

Many readers find that ebooks are easier to read than print books. You can adjust the text as you need, changing the spacing and font size, so it’s no strain at all on your eyes to read. You can even read in the dark if your ereader has a backlight.

More books for your money

Last but not least, ebooks are usually cheaper than print books, and so you can afford more books. Fabulous!


If you’re ready to read an ebook, why not try one of mine?

All of my novels are available as ebooks in the shop section of my website.

Simply make the purchase and you can download the novel in the format of your choice: mobi (for Kindle), epub or PDF. 

My ebooks cost little more than a cup of coffee, and are guaranteed to sweep you away to a beautiful world of intrigue and passion.




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