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  • Hannah Fielding - Romance Novelist

From the blurb:

Enter a sinfully wicked world where three daring women encounter sexy rakes in these erotic adventures…

In Lessons in Indiscretion, widowed Lady Julia Renwick pursues the much younger Earl of Bedingfield and is shocked to discover she has much to learn from him when it comes to passion. In Her Christmas Pleasure, Damien Morton secretly craves the love of his best friend’s widow, Lady Danver, until a stolen kiss under the mistletoe ignites a desire they can no longer deny. In A Scandalous Affair, widowed Lady Pomeroy sets out to seduce the mysterious Marquess of Hartwell—deemed “Black Hart” by society—by wantonly inviting him to a private rendezvous…

This collection of three stories are all linked, as the title suggests, by the fact that each of the female protagonists is a widow. Each was widowed some time ago and each is now looking to move on with her life:

Lady Julia Renwick is thirty-one and her late husband was a lot older than her. After a suitable period of mourning she has decided to take a lover. She has her eyes set on Garrett, the Earl of Bedingfield, a family friend whom she has known for many years. What she doesn’t know is that Garrett has also been watching her and wants to seduce her, and he does not care what society will think about it. So when she proposes that they spend the remains of the season as lovers and then go their separate ways in the summer, of course he cannot help but agree to the arrangements.

Celia Danver is made a young widow when her husband dies in battle. His best friend, Damien Morton, promises that her late husband he will look after her and her son. However, Damien realises that his feelings for Celia are more than that of just friends, and despite his promise he plans to run away. Celia is now also wondering if there is more to life than her son and her in-laws, and at a family Christmas get together the family prompt a kiss between Damien and Celia after they inadvertently have a conversation under the mistletoe. After the kiss, Celia realises that she too wants much more than friendship from Damien.

Daphne was also married to an older man and some time after her husband’s death her brother suggests that she should find herself a new husband. Together, Daphne and her brother plan a masquerade ball so that Daphne might search for a suitable match. One dance with Lord Camden Hartwell and her heart is stolen. But why does Camden behave so oddly?

Each one of these female protagonists is a fun and feisty character that you cannot help but love. The men too are a wonderful mix of handsome, dark and mysterious, with arrogant and tortured souls. It is easy to see why these women fall for them so hard.

These stories are short, but full of intrigue, chemistry and passion. Karen Erickson has a wonderful way with description and creating action-packed stories that you cannot put down:


A quiver moved through her entire body at his husky voice, his breath stirring the hair at her temple. He lifted his head. His eyes were dark, his expression predatory, as if he wanted to throw her over his shoulder and carry her out of the room.

Triumph surged through her. She hadn’t been mistaken. The attraction between them wasn’t one-sided. He wanted her.

But could she seduce the renowned seducer?


“Your mind,” he murmured, his deep voice washing over her, making her skin hum. Oh, she could drown in the sound of his voice. It rippled and flowed like smooth honey, and she wondered what she might do if he whispered wicked things in her ear with that voice.


The man could kiss, and kiss well. He might lack in social skills and behave as if he were being tortured when amongst a crown, but on a one-to-one basis? Hartwell was absolutely divine.

Overall, a fun, easy, satisfying read – ideal for quick-grab romance on the beach, on the commute or curled up in an armchair in the corner of your local coffee house.

The Merry Widows Collection is available now from Amazon; click on the book cover below to visit the store.

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